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Genuine Friendship

Genuine Friendship

Author: Philip Halfacre Pages: 262 Binding: Cloth Hardcover Size: 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-890177-78-2

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One measure of happiness is the quality of one's personal relationships. No one relates perfectly, and even those who relate well can see from time to time they need to improve. In this book, Rev. Msgr. Philip D. Halfacre offers insights to help the reader to do precisely that.

In all interpersonal relationships—especially in the family—there is an environment or a culture. Ideally, a culture of love is created—one wherein each person has the experience of being loved, acceptance, and forgiveness. Friendship entails more than warm feelings and personal sharing; sustaining such relationships and fulfilling the expectations that occur naturally requires real strength of character, especially to persevere through the years.