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The Catholic Priest Today (DVD)

The Catholic Priest Today (DVD)

ISBN: 978-1-890177-79-9
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The Catholic Priest Today premiered at the USCCB annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 12, 2007. This documentary offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be a dedicated Catholic priest in today's culture.

"This film is about priests living the great adventure of a life completely dedicated to Christ. It shows that all those who accept the challenge of the priesthood in today's world realize that it is a great time to be a priest," says Francis Cardinal George of Chicago, who is featured in the documentary.

The Catholic Priest Today provides a rare glimpse of the reality of life as a Catholic priest in the United States in the third millennium. Viewers are able to take a close look at the life of three Catholic priests and to hear commentary from a variety of people about how the priesthood impacts the lives of many.