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The Church, Persons, and Juridical Goods

The Church, Persons, and Juridical Goods

An Introduction to Canon Law
6 x 9
ISBN: 9782924974124

This book aims to offer a different view of law in the Church, where its existence is not a mere consequence of original sin. Under the proper view of the role of law in the Church, its study is not simply about ecclesiastical law, but about the existence of what is right and just in the Church. From this premise, the study of canon law is conceived as the knowledge of what is just and unjust (iusti atque iniusti scientia) in the Church.

As a result, this text does not aim to expound the current norms, but instead examines the fundamental legal concepts and notions that allow us to understand the fundamental demands of justice in the life of the Church. To this end, the realities of the Church (persons, institutions, associations) are studied from the point of view of justice.

The purpose of this work is to introduce the study of canon law through a reflection on the dimension of justice inherent in intra-ecclesial relations, without claiming to exhaust a determinate part of canonical science.