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Faith, Science, and Reason - 2nd Edition

Faith, Science, and Reason - 2nd Edition

Theology on the Cutting Edge
8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-1-939231-99-4

Is scientific reason compatible with religious faith? 

Is it possible to believe in miracles and also the integrity of nature?

How do spiritual realities, such as the soul, fit into the world of matter described by physics and biology?  

In our modern scientific and technological culture, it is not an option for Catholics to ignore or have a shallow understanding of the relationship between religious faith and scientific knowledge. Such a lack of understanding limits our ability to spread the Gospel in a world that so needs the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Chris Baglow’s Faith, Science, & Reason: Theology on the Cutting Edge, Second Edition, presents this necessary knowledge.

According to recent data, 70% of young adult Catholics view science and religion as being in conflict with each other. Yet this is not a problem limited to young Catholics! The culture around us accepts the false belief that faith and reason cannot be reconciled, many even believing that science has shown that the Christian faith is irrational. We need the tools to show that both scientific inquiry and the Catholic faith ask questions and seek knowledge about the same universe, working together to come to know the truths of God wherever they may be found.

This book unveils the history of science as something that grew out of, rather than in opposition to, the Catholic faith. It describes the relationship between science and spirituality, the biblical creation accounts, the Galileo Affair, the problem of evil, the historical roots of the warfare model of science and faith, the incredible advances in the sciences of human origins, and numerous other topics essential to understanding the Church’s approach to science.

Ideal for anyone seeking a greater understanding of the relationship between science and the Catholic faith!