Remain with Us, Lord (DVD)

Remain with Us, Lord (DVD)

Reflections on the Mass in the Christian Life
ISBN: 978-1-939231-09-3
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Remain with Us, Lord, is an inspirational collection of personal stories and theological reflections on the importance of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass in our spiritual lives as Christians and the peace and happiness we draw from it to live our lives close to Jesus Christ and to bring him to others.

In Remain with Us, Lord, Father Robert Barron, renowned theologian and author, explains:  
The Holy Mass “…is not an extraneous part of the spiritual life.  It’s the heart of it.  […] The Mass is remaining with Jesus, listening to him, responding to him, receiving this great meal which God has always wanted to give to us and then speaking back our thanksgiving for it. That’s the Mass and that’s why we live on the Mass. We require the Mass.”

Filmed in the United States and Ireland, the testimonies and reflections brought together in this special video will touch hearts and encourage reflection on the importance and meaning of the Mass in our own lives.

The video runs 35 minutes and includes English and Spanish subtitles; the interviews featured in the video include Fr. Robert Barron, Archbishop Jose Gomez, Archbishop Charles Brown, priests and individuals from Illinois, California, and Ireland.