Daily Roman Missal, 7th Ed., Large Print with Additional Eucharistic Prayers

Pages: 2458
Size: 5.75 x 8.25
ISBN: 978-1-936045-71-6
Binding: Synthetic Leather, hardcover


The Daily Roman Missal, Large Print Edition contains all of the same liturgical texts–antiphons, prayers, and readings–as in the standard print size. It is ideal for anyone, clergy or laity, who prefers a larger typeface, and it can be used by bishops, priests, deacons, and lectors in preparation for the Holy Mass.

Features of this Large Print Edition:

  • Synthetic leather wrapped over hardcover boards, in liturgical red;
  • Gold-stamped image of Christ Pantocrator on front and the Chi-Rho image on the back;
  • Sturdy Smyth-sewn binding to ensure the Missal lays open from cover to cover;
  • For ease in readability, text is 12.25-point (22% larger) and the weight of the font has been increased;
  • Six placeholder ribbons in liturgical colors and gilded page edges;
  • Order of Mass in English and Latin (side-by-side text includes the Latin text of the Prefaces);
  • Relevant quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church before every Sunday, Solemnity, and Feast;
  • Contains adjustment to the conclusion of the Collect (the opening prayer);
  • Includes Eucharistic Prayers (I-IV), Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation (I-II), and Eucharistic Prayers for use in Masses for various needs (I-IV);
  • Liturgical Calendar up to the year 2034

Devotions and Prayers section not included in this edition, except for Prayers Before and After Mass – click on the button “Look Inside” above to view the complete Table of Contents.


The Best Roman Missal


This particular Daily Roman Missal is EXACTLY the missal I have been waiting for. It is a large print edition, and it contains ALL the Eucharistic Prayers. It is set up in a very logical sequence making it easy to follow The Mass. It also contains all the prayers at Mass, as well as the readings for each day. It has an excellent binding as well. I purchased my missal over a year ago and waited until now to review it so I could give myself time to evaluate it thoroughly. My personal opinion is there is NO FINER EDITION of THE DAILY ROMAN MISSAL available. I am extremely happy in every way.


A Beautiful High-Quality Missal


Excellent Missal


This is a wonderful publication. It is especially good for any clergy who do chaplaincy work. The print size is great, and the size of the publication is smaller and lighter than most “Chapel editions” which is useful when airline weight restrictions apply. It also has the added advantage of having the readings for the day within the Missal which means you need not take a separate Lectionary. Excellent value for money.

Rt G.

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