Author: James Socias
Pages: 64
Size: 4.125 x 6
ISBN: 978-1-890177-00-3
Binding: Paperback


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Un pequeño libro que tiene las oraciones en inglés y en español. Está diseñado para enseñar las oraciones en estos dos idiomas. Incluye las oraciones más comunes, la preparación para la Confesión, preparación y acción de gracias de la Comunión, etc.

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A compact book of prayers in English and Spanish. This is designed to teach prayers in both languages. It includes common prayers, preparation for Confession, thanksgiving after Communion, etc. Latest printing from late 2022.

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Perfect for our parish Faith Formation Program


We put a lot of emphasis on prayer in our program. A lot of families are from Latin America and they don’t speak English very well. Their children raised here speak Spanish but not as fluent as their parents. These books being bilingual help the parents teach their children their prayers and helps them pray together. Highly recommend.


Excellent gift for bilingual church


I bought a number of these as a present for our reconstructed church. We have both Spanish and English speakers, and kids that speak both. These 60+ page booklets built camaraderie and were an excellent gift for those preparing for First Communion and Confirmation. The prayers and essential information meet the daily spiritual needs of our congregation.


very nice book


very nice prayer book for teacher to the catechist Kids


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