The Holy Land: An Encounter with Jesus Christ Pilgrim Kit

ISBN: 978-1-948139-76-2
Binding: Unknown


The Holy Land: An Encounter with Jesus Christ Pilgrim Kit is a comprehensive resource for all who are seeking to make a life-changing pilgrimage to the Holy Land and also for anyone interested in learning more about this sacred place. The pilgrim is guided in making time for prayer, spiritual reading, and silent reflection while having the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus Christ by bringing to life what we read in Sacred Scripture.

With the Pilgrim Handbook, Missalette, and DVD Video Series, the pilgrim will be equipped to experience more profoundly the holy sites to be visited on a typical itinerary in the footsteps of Jesus Christ through Israel and Palestine.

Whether the trip is already booked or on a bucket list, the Pilgrim Kit makes a great companion or gift for anyone who wants to make an unforgettable spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The Pilgrim Kit is offered for a special bundle price and includes the Pilgrim Handbook, Missalette, and DVD video series of select sites in the Holy Land (items can be purchased individually).

The Pilgrim Handbook is a helpful guide for making a pilgrimage and praying at the holy sites. The handbook provides historical information, Gospel readings, spiritual meditations, reflection questions, prayers, and photographs for the main holy sites to assist in having a profound encounter with Christ before, during, and after the pilgrimage.

The Missalette includes Votive Masses, the Order of Mass, hymns, prayers, and blessings that will assist when visiting the popular sites in the Holy Land.

The DVD includes a twelve-part video series filmed in the Holy Land that brings to life the main events and sites of the life of Jesus Christ. Viewers are transported to the various holy sites as they learn about the events that took place more than 2000 years ago.

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