Missale Romanum Editio iuxta typicam tertiam

Pages: 1216
Size: 8 x 10.75
ISBN: 1-890177-55-5
Binding: Genuine Leather


With permission granted by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments and approval of the Apostolic Patrimony of the Holy See, this edition has been deemed in accordance with the Editio typica tertia and its sources. Textually, this edition is the same as that published by the Vatican in 2002, with the addition of two celebrations to the Proper of Saints.

Features of Missale Romanum Editio iuxta typicam tertiam:

  • Reinforced cover made in Belgium from genuine German leather, with gold-stamp imprint of Christ Pantocrator (front) and a Chi-Rho figure (back);
  • Images from the Church’s treasury of fine art;
  • 6 ornate place-holder ribbons;
  • Gold-stamped leather endsheets;
  • text is completely in Latin;
  • Leather tabs; and
  • Double-gilded pages.

**The Missale Romanum Editio iuxta typicam tertiam was printed in 2005. This was before the name of St Joseph was included in Eucharistic Prayers II, III, and IV, so every purchase of this missal will include a set of stickers to apply to a specific stanza for Eucharistic Prayers II, III, and IV. If you already have a Missale Romanum Editio iuxta typicam tertiam and wish to have a set of these stickers, please let us know here.

Just wonderful! Glad I bought it...


For about 1,200 bucks I bought the Missale Romanum and the Lectionarium Series last year, just before the Lectionarium was taken off the menu (out of print, never to return?). Not cheap for a lay Catholic. And since the chance of experiencing a (sung?) Novus Ordo Mass in Latin (including readings, Gregorian Chant,…) is asymptotically approaching zero (hope not dying?), owning these books is akin to having a brand new Ferrari sitting in the Garage, which one never can take out on the street (’cause I am not a priest). But one can smell it, touch it, sit in it, turn on the radio, lean back, rev the engine and imagine how it would feel to actually drive it. And so I am praying the Holy Mass in my Inner Room in Latin and imagine away… 🙂 These books are really of the highest quality! All senses fire here – smell, touch, look and feel. I can nothing but recommend them and am glad I had the chance to buy them. A big thanks to you, MTF, because… talk about counter cultural. One side considers Latin outdated, yesteryear, reactionary, medieval, backwards, and done away with, while the other considers Latin reserved only for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass or Tridentine Mass. So both sides agree – VII Mass in Latin? Why? And so it shows courage to even consider printing these books in this outstanding quality for a quite small potential customer base. Well, this nerd and weird one here surely appreciates it… 🙂


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