Our Moral Life in Christ – Complete Course Edition – TEACHER’S MANUAL

Pages: 568
Size: 8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-1-936045-24-2
Binding: Hardcover


This Revised Third Edition of Our Moral Life in Christ: Complete Course, Teacher’s Manual is designed to help the instructor actively engage students in discussions, activities, and reviews that investigate the basis for and foster greater understanding of living a Christ-centered, moral life in the modern world. It is a companion to the textbook Our Moral Life in Christ: A Complete Course.

Resources in this Teacher’s Manual include:

  • The Student Textbook;
  • Detailed lesson plans for each chapter, complete with Anticipatory Sets, Focus Questions, Guided Exercises, Closure Activities, and Alternative Assessments;
  • End of Chapter Materials, including Long-Term Assignments, answers to the Study Questions in the Student Textbook, responses to the Practical Exercises, and notes for presenting additional information from the Catechism of the Catholic Church;
  • Answers to the Student Workbook;
  • Chapter Tests, Quizzes, and Vocabulary Reviews with answer keys;
  • Downloadable Tests, Quizzes, and Vocabulary Reviews are available; and
  • A collection of Catholic Prayers and Devotions.

MTF restricts access to its Teacher’s Manuals to ensure they remain an aid to the teacher and not a resource for the student. For that reason, MTF normally ships this Teacher’s Manual only to a school; if you would like a copy shipped to somewhere other than a school or to see the policy for review copies, please click here to contact MTF.

A Blessing for the youth of today.


This textbook is a blessing to all those able to use it in a meaningful way. It clearly states the moral principles of our Faith in a level that is easily understood by teens. The teacher material is comprehensive and teacher friendly. i highly recommend it and looking forward to the online version.


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