The Mystery of Redemption – Parish Series

Pages: 175
Size: 8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-1-936045-82-2
Binding: Paperback


This text, The Mystery of Redemption, examines our need for Redemption, and presents how the salvific promise made to our first parents is fulfilled by Jesus Christ. It discusses the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ and its application in the life of each Christian. It also discusses how the Holy Mass is a perpetuation of the Paschal Mystery in our lives.

Created in accordance with the USCCB Curriculum Framework for Parish and Youth Ministry Programs, Midwest Theological Forum has adapted its well-known Didache Semester Series textbooks for Catholic High Schools into an easy-to-use format for parishes and home study programs. Each of the eight Didache Parish Series titles is divided into individual weekly lessons intended to be covered over the course of one semester. The full-color, illustrated text provides ample column material, which includes Vocabulary Terms, Focus Questions, Guided Exercises, Discussion Questions, and Quotes from YouCat.

Presenter’s Guides are available for each title of The Didache Parish Series.

Definitely recommend!


We homeschool, and my 9th grader worked through this book in one semester using videos generously provided through another parish (with the parish priest presenting the content to his class), then reading the chapter over a couple days (paying special attention to the notes, quotations and other info in the margins) and doing some questions orally with me, and others written. I was very pleased with the thoroughness and orthodoxy of the content. Being able to discuss things like lectio divina together and dive deeper into theological topics than usual was such a treat. Having a curriculum to lead her into those topics was really helpful, and doing some of the questions orally was a great way to gauge what she was understanding, and connect with each other. We had her choose another parish edition book to do next semester! The larger, hardcover books look excellent but were a bit intimidating for me to figure out how to teach on my own. This was a great way to get our feet wet with the Didache material and find a sort of “hybrid” approach to using the book. Highly recommend!


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