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The Blessed Trinity - <i>Parish Series</i>

The Blessed Trinity - Parish Series

8.5 X 11
ISBN: 978-1-936045-81-5

This second book of the Didache Parish Series is about the mystery by which there is one God in three Persons. This book breaks down the mysteries of God and the attributes associated with each of the Persons of the Blessed Trinity to help students understand its implications for living the Christian life.

Created in accordance with the USCCB Curriculum Framework for Parish and Youth Ministry Programs, Midwest Theological Forum has adapted its well-known Didache Semester Series textbooks for Catholic High Schools into an easy-to-use format for parishes and home study programs. Each of the eight Didache Parish Series titles is divided into individual weekly lessons intended to be covered over the course of one semester. The full-color, illustrated text provides ample column material, which includes Vocabulary terms, Focus Questions, Guided Exercises, Discussion Questions, and quotes from YouCat.

Presenter's Guides are available for each title of the Didache Parish Series.